Jess (acidburn666) wrote in depp_dosage,

American Dreamers

by Goran Bregovic
voice by Johnny Depp

One thing I was sure of
My uncle leo was definately the hero of my childhood
The smell of his old spice callogne carried me back into that lost childhood more than my home movies did
My uncle didn't know it
But it was the sweet cheap smell of car dealers that took me back
and made me dissolve into a dream of the past
Leo was the last dinosaur that smelt of cheap callogne and he believed in the American dream
I was crazy about him because he believed in miracles
And even thgh he lived inside of life and sold caddilacs,
he always looked like a ten year old boy who's sleeves were too long.
When i was ten, Leo gave me this great movie camera and my mother always hoped I'd become the next Milton Burrow
but dreams about houses and cars and fresh cut lawns aren't dreams when they become real.
And somehow, i understood what my mother meant by 'Good morning Columbus'.
And even if my mother didn't like what I was doing with my life, I think she'd understand.
When I was eleven,
I got this really wierd earache that wouldn't go away.
I went to about a hundred doctors, but none of them could help me.
So what Leo did was,
he went in to mexico and brought back this fat lady witch doctor who did some mumbo jumbo and fixed me right up.
I was greatful but somehow I thought I might have been better off mute.
All in all, I had a very happy childhood.
My father was a boarder guard who spent most of his life trying to keep people from crossing lines.
Everynight for fifteen years he'd go out and smooth down the road between mexico and Arizona,
and every morning he'd be out there looking for footprints in the dirt.
But my father always said that work was like a hat you put on your head, and even if yu didn't have pants, you didn't have to walk down the street being ashamed of your ass, as long as you had a hat.
And if someone was to ask me why I don't get up right now and catch the next train back to New york,
it's because you can't say no to your childhood hero.
I decided to be his best man,
but one thing I was sure of,
no matter how much i love the smell of cheap calogne,
i'm never going to become my uncle,
and I was never going to sell cadillacs.

I heard about the song on a website, and then i went and downloaded it off Bearshare. Just search for the title if you want it. It's a good song, I've been listening to it over and over... it's not really a song, more so Johnny speaking words with music...
but it's still really good. I thught I'd post this incase anyone was interested.
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